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Recreational Leagues

STA Softball Team Downingtown PA

Join one of our leagues!

It’s a great time to meet new people, unwind, and have fun!

  • Pool League
  • Long Board
  • Bocce
  • Corn Hole

You must be a member of the Social Club to join a league.

Interested in joining the social club? We would love to have you! Please visit our “The Social Club” page for more information.


We now are offering a Cornhole league that plays in Winter and Summer. Each team will consist of two randomly drawn players which will form your team for the season.

Teams will play Tuesday or Thursday nights, starting at 6pm, 3 games. Contact Chris to sign up as spots are filling quick!

Thank you all cornhole players for another wonderful 2023 season! Stay tune for signups for the 2024 summer league! 

Cornhole League Commissioner:
Christine Tobelmann
[email protected]

Summer Bocce Schedules

St. Anthony’s offers many Bocce leagues during the spring/summer months. We currently have a Monday, Tuesday, and a Thursday night league. Each league varies in the style of play and sign ups occur end of winter. 

Contact any of our league commissioners for any questions or how to sign up!

Monday Bocce League Commissioner:
Len Iacono
[email protected]


Tuesday Bocce League Commissioner:
Doug Castaldi
[email protected]
Thursday Bocce League Commissioner:
Gary DiBerardinis
[email protected]

Long Board Schedule

Our Long Board season has begun. Every Wednesday night, teams compete on our STA Long board table in our game room. 

Long Board League Commissioner:
Ashley DiLuigi
[email protected]